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Who We Are

The Friends of Salinas Pueblo Missions (FSPM) is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument (SAPU) in its work of education, interpretation, preservation, protection, and recreation at its four locations.


The goals of the FSPM are:


  • to cultivate a general membership of people and organizations eager and willing to help support the work of SAPU;

  • to develop projects in cooperation with SAPU staff;

  • to raise funds for purposes identified by SAPU staff that are not supported by the NPS budget; and

  • to serve as liaison between SAPU, surrounding communities, and appropriate organizations.







FSPM is managed by its 2023 Board of Directors:

Tom Worker - Chair
Paul Sisson - Vice Chair
Tom Carroll - Treasurer
Gary Davis - Board Member
Donna Deiner - Board Member
Kathryn O’Connor - Board Member
Anne Ravenstone - Board Member

Jill Assad - Board Member

Murt Sullivan - Board Member

FSPM is registered as a 501(c)(3) organization by the IRS

and all contributions are tax deductible.

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