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Salinas Pueblo Missions

Friends of Salinas Pueblo Missions, Inc. is a nonprofit organization with the mission of supporting Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument.

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Gran Quivira

The Gran Quivira Unit of Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument is the largest of the three units at 611 acres. Prior to Spanish contact, Gran Quivira was a vast city with multiple pueblos, and kivas. Mound 7, a 226 room structure from the Pueblo IV period (A.D.1275/1300-1600), is the largest and only fully excavated pueblo at the site.

The Gran Quivira Unit is 26 miles south on NM 55.

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The Abó Unit of Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument sits west of the town of Mountainair, New Mexico, and contains approximately 370 acres. The number and size of unexcavated pueblo mounds suggest that when the Spanish arrived in 1581 they would have found a thriving community.

The Abó Unit is 9 miles west on US 60 and one-half mile north on NM 513.

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The Quarai Mission and Convento were established at Quarai in 1626 overseen by Fray Juan Gutierrez de la Chica. Construction began on La Purisma Concepcion de Quarai in 1627 and continued to 1632. Curiously, within the newly built convento, a Square Kiva was built. Like the other Missions of Salinas Pueblo Missions, a combination of disease, drought, and famine led to the migration from Quarai in 1678.

The Quarai Mission and Convento Unit is 8 miles north on NM 55 and 1 mile west.

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